Someone was at my door and won’t stop knocking.
The knock, gentle but with a sense of urgency.
So I, wanting to put an end to the disturbance opened the door and let the person in….

I like what I see. He talks, I listen, I laugh, I let the emotions linger and carry me, till I am floating.
And before I know it I am already in cloud nine.
The rush, the thrill, the curiosity to know if there is more
keeps me afloat, but falling becomes attractive
I am falling and I am not thinking.
I am feeling and happy, in falling.

Suddenly with the force of gravity,
I feel myself crashing
Not knowing if I’ll be caught, or what I’ll land on.

I land in a beautiful but unfamiliar place with bruises all over.
I turn and see him beside me with injuries like mine and I just know I’ll be fine.