How Does Love Make You Feel?

“Love is like a ‘fart’ if you have to force it then it’s probably ‘shit”……Unknown

I asked a friend who was bombarding my BBM Feeds with his PDA (Public Display Of Affection) some weeks back, what being in love feels like to him and he laughed,probably because the question was ‘weird’.

But I’m curious, how does being in love feel? I have had my share of relationships, but it seems like the expiration of the relationship comes with amnesia; I forget all the things i felt, sometimes why i felt them. Can i get an amen?

*singing* it must have been love, but its over now…… 🙁

To be sincere, I used the word ‘i love you’ quickly.  I enjoyed the companionship, and occasionally the idea that I had someone whom I had a right to disturb, complain to/nag , pour out my frustration and sometimes worry on. However, I didn’t accept the responsibility, commitment and sacrifices that accompanied it.

Back to my question, what does love really feel like? What emotions or actions identify with loving someone? I don’t mean the popular, cheap, adulterated versions of love we see these days. I mean the ‘I want to spend the rest of my life with you’, ‘you are my one and only’, ‘I want you to be the mother/father of my children’, ‘ till death do us part’, ‘the real deal’.

So i asked a couple of people ‘in love’ how love feels like to them,and I got the following responses.

*inserts mushy bbm smileys*, i can’t explain.

“love is everlasting”.  Le deep. -__-

Love feels like everything is going to be alright.

Love is submissive and puts the interest of another first. It is the willingness to gives and  to displease yourself to please your partner.

There is no one universal emotions attached to love, it is different for everyone. But for me there is a sense of peace in your heart .Another thing is that you have a sense of assurance that, whatever happens this person is down for me.

It feels like patient, joy, long-suffering, gentleness, tolerance, submission.

Love feels like its unconditional.

Needless to say, these people confused me more, I was expecting some, butterflies in my tummy, doing me tinini tanana, I can’t sleep at night, I see you in my dreams responses.

However I have learnt a few things;

1. Love is not just what you say but the things you do.

2. Love is the same but the expression is different for everyone. My love may only be able to afford shop 10 rice(a cafetaria in the University Of Lagos,Nigeria) for now while yours maybe able to afford The Place rice and asun(a restaurant in Lagos, Nigeria).

Money should never be equated to love, love transcends material things but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give what you can afford.

My love may be able to write a poem or sing, while yours can download the song and use it as ringtone.Lol

I am not saying ‘settle’ for less than you think you deserve but don’t compare someone’s ‘extravagant’  display of love as your own lack thereof.

2. There is someone for everyone. See how Isaac and Rebecca clicked even without seeing? She met a need,she did what other ladies didn’t know/over looked because God chose her for him.  Perhaps the reason you can’t ‘feel it’ is because that person isn’t yours.

If you are single and ‘waiting’ (not searching) like me,know this; love won’t come with any special marks, or designs or some entirely new feeling that you won’t be able to control yourself, forget Romeo and Juliet, it’s the figment of someone’s imagination.

It could be peace, it could be an assurance, it could be like you have  known the person all your life, it could feel like good friendship, or someone who is the complete opposite but you blend well.

You know how white rice and stew is great and delicious on its own, but Jollof rice is just perfect?!! If you are with that person it feels like JOLLOF.

Remember, you COMPLEMENT not COMPLETE each other, you are complete only in CHRIST.

1st Corinthians 13:1-8. Comes to mind, and only Him who has received God’s unconditional love can love another person genuinely.

  1. This is beautiful Rachelle! #team single and waiting!

    1. *wink*

  2. Thank u for the wonderful exposition.

  3. Wonderful piece rachy, keep it up. Shop 10 rice….lol

    1. Lol

  4. Nice piece huin..Okay now..what is love? I feel no one can categorically give a definite definition as 2 dat subject matter all any1 can say no matter how educated or learned is based on their experience and d ‘norm’ as acted out of pple ‘in love’ to me deviating 4rm d norm and expectancy, LOVE is a choice, you choose to love irrespective of d flaws or challenges..once you can give reasons or define ur love, then I dnt think its love, it becomes a mere emotional attachment.. Love is tolerating d flaws (while silently saying a prayer and working 2wards a change), complimenting and elaborating on each oda’s strength, love is giving w/0 expecting or keeping tabs, love is spending on each oda w/o drawing up a bill of charges or balance sheet, LOVE IS A CHOICE,’ I choose 2 love u, I dnt knw y, I cnt seem 2 find any reason but I just love u’.

    1. Gbam!!!!! I intentionally did not go into the ‘what is love’ gist, wanted to concentrate on ‘feelings’. But I accept and adopt this comment. Thank you

    2. Love is a CHOICE, I am a CHOICE too…so that means….I AM LOVE!😁
      *clears throat*
      Beautiful piece, sorry I just had to do that😍

      1. Loool

  5. Chikitoooo nice piece Biko abigee Park -_-

    1. Madam pls don’t say those names here. 😬

  6. Nice one big sis!

    1. Thanks baby girl.

  7. Every sentence had me looking forward to reading the next. Beautiful write-up Rachel. Really nice!!!!

    1. Thanks for reading…..

  8. Lmao @ Chikito. Nice piece Raych, I can relate well. Thanks for this, God bless 😘

    1. Amen. Thanks

  9. Lovely write-up. The end nailed it.

    1. Thank you Joel.

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