Give You More

With all what God has given,is giving and doing for you, don’t you ever feel like giving him more? Don’t you just want to pour out yourself to him, and just let go knowing that you are safe in his arms? More than going to church twice a week,much more than 1hr prayers,more than your 200naira offering, not the surface, something deeper than the word deep . This song does that for me, it expresses what i really feel in the innermost recesses of my heart and it never loses its freshness to me even when i listen to it for the umpteenth time . The singer’s voice makes the song perfect.

Artist- J Moss
Title- Give You More
Album- The J. Moss Project
Year- 2005

Showing my love will be faithful
Proving my heart wont change
Giving you more than the day before
For no day will be the same
Giving you time of substance
Maintaining the place that you dwell in
Deeper than the ocean floor
I never want us to end

I wanna give you more
I wanna share my life with you
More than money can pay for
Allow me to give you more
I have so much to say
The day that i see you face to face
More than an army can fight for
Allow me to give you more

Paying attention to detail
Letting the praise go unspoken
Joy streaming from heart to heart
That they may never be broken
Giving my mind, body and soul
To show you how much I am grateful
To have and hold you close to me
That I may never be alone
(Repeat chorus)

Like a tree is to a leaf
You are what I need to breath
Words can’t explain the affection that I have for you
I wanna be what brings to you a smile on your face
Because you’re feeling
more from my heart,
more from my soul
Each day, each day

Let me give you more

Repeat chorus till fade
You can Google the song for a download link.