It’s A Wrap (2017)

I’m counting my blessings

I just can’t keep it to myself

Just when I thought that He had done too much

Oh oh oh Jesus did it again.

What a year it has been. What a journey it has been. I won’t even lie, its been an AWESOME year. It feels good to smile, it feels good to be genuinely happy.

Following my sister’s cue, I’ll summarize my highlights of the year and lessons learnt in 17 points.

1. This year I experienced God like never before. Nathaniel Bassey said in the song Onise iyanu, ‘I have tasted of your power‘ well that line was so real to me this year. Indeed I tasted and saw that the Lord is good. I called and He answered, I asked and I received. Even when it felt like I was going to be overwhelmed , He showed up. See ehn this Jesus is sweet, follow Him o, forget all these other things we chase after!! He is the real deal!!

I am not saying it will be a smooth journey all the way, but I can assure you that even when the ride gets bumpy, it will still be the best ride of your life. You don’t want to go on this journey of life all by yourself,

2. This year I learnt about knowing the will of God and aligning myself with it. So many times we just want things, we have never bothered to ask ‘God what are you saying, what do you want me to do? We just go about having plans, strategizing and dreaming. I learnt that the first thing we should do about any dream or plan we have is to ask God, ‘what sayeth thou about this situation’? what do I do and how do you want me to go about it. This process of asking what is God’s will, that is where the Labour is. We have to sacrifice time to pray, fast and study the bible. Also we have to be in tune with the spirit, confessing and meditating scriptures , worshiping and rejoicing until we get clarity.

Even after we know or think we know what God is saying, there is the place of stepping out boldly in Faith and there is a place of waiting, and these two things require continuous fellowship with God.

See God is not the man we run to when we need something we can’t do for ourselves, God is the one we need and go to first before anything. Our whole existence depends on Him, and much more than that he strives to be our friend , to be close to us. God needs us as much as we need Him.

I don’t get the whole answer all the time, it’s still a learning process for me, sometimes I’m impatient, sometimes I’m stubborn, most times I still look out for human confirmation.

In all this I have had to learn about the person of the Holy spirit and how to hear him. The conclusion of the matter is it works.

3. I was called to the largest bar in Africa

This was the highlight of my year. My people to be congratulated is sweet o Kai!!! To pray, work hard and see your prayers answered is the most satisfying thing in life. In my 2016 wrap I declared 2017 as the year of wig and gown, and it came to pass.

My journey to becoming a lawyer is a long one, and the testimony is interesting because I went through so much to get here. My story is  filled with so much tears and disappointments but the conclusion of the matter is I made it.

So in the year of Our Lord 2017, the year of New things, the year of pleasant surprises and the year of my case is different, I passed the bar exam and was called to the Nigerian bar, 10 years after I finished secondary school. See ehn, giving up was never an option I considered, it didn’t even cross my mind, that was why I despised every shame, like Jesus Christ and was focused on one thing, and eventually it happened.

3. In 2017,  I got tired of ‘churching’ you know the act of going to church every Sunday and doing the same thing you do every Sunday. I just wasn’t ‘having’ it anymore. Church became a routine and I was fed up, there was no joy. I also became tired of the place I called home. I just wanted to live somewhere else.

So I joined the online church gang. One time I listened to three different pastors all in a day. 😂  It was fun, variety like they say is the spice of life. I’m gradually finding my footing though. At least now I know what was missing and I know how to fix it.

4.  I learnt not to look down on people.

5. I learnt to discipline myself and control the way I crush and catch feelings, or at least tune down the intensity and wait, in waiting a lot is revealed.

6. I  learnt that sometimes you can pray about a relationship and God will give a go ahead, it still takes two people who want the relationship to work out for it to work out. Don’t say because God said yes and then the guy or lady is not making any effort, and you stay there. Don’t also push aside your valid feelings or so should I say innermost convictions about a person no matter the pressure.

7.  I also learnt that you haven’t lost anything if you love someone and then things don’t work out or the person messes up and you part ways. Love is never a wasted effort, at least you learnt how to love someone other than yourself.

8.I learnt that growth has its pains. Growth is never comfortable. And the way to maintain growth is to be consistent. Keep practising the new things you have learnt before you forget them.

9. I’m grateful to God for my family. My siblings are the best!!! And for the additions we had, two nieces (twin girls)

10. I learnt that loneliness does not kill. 😂😂. It can make you depressed though, so you have to find a way to at least enjoy yourself.

I realize I don’t even have up to 17 points. Oh well like they say, less is more.

2018 will be lit!! Things will be birthed and we will feed them and watch them grow!!! 2018 is the year of Achieving, DOING and Stepping out boldly in Faith, we have prepared for too long, it’s time to MOVE!! GBERAA!! It’s time to give back, it’s time to do what God has called us to do, without holding back even if no one acknowledges us.

It is the year of taking every opportunity, that comes our way, take that course, get that certification, learn that skill, achieve the fit fam goals, the make up goals, we keep trying and trying till we get it (those eyebrows must be on a consistent fleek, in fact I’ll even be able to fleek it for others!! Hahaha

It is the year of following God all the way, no detour, ‘no I’m sorry Lord please bring me back’ obedience all the way, not by power or might though, God is at work in me but to Will and to do of His good pleasures. It is also the year of bringing every friend, family, lovers and fans lol along to know this God for themselves. We can’t be enjoying God alone.

It is the year of strategic positioning and deployment to meet the bae. Either the bae jams me or I jam him, there must be a jamming.😂😂😂.

However we know better though, we will not date anyhow or marry anyhow. We will not just try and see it how it goes, we work with a knowing that God gives His children His best, and we believe we shall receive that best.

In 2018, be determined, trust God more, He is the only one that has all things figured out. I pray you have the 2018 you desire.Amen.

  1. Wow this is indeed your best so far!!!! I love it….Gbera it’s time to move…well done my baby sister. Super prod of you xxx

  2. Nice 👏👏
    Thank you for sharing with us Rachael

  3. Rachy Rachy Congratulations!!! So happy for you dear. Can’t believe I wrote a post with the same caption this morning. Just posted it though ( one would think I copied you)😂 Cheers to a better 2018

    1. Looooooool. The spirit is one.

  4. True, the spirit is one, everything you have said about #Gbera and 2018 is what my pastor said 2018 would be. You r truly blessed sisterly

    1. Amen for us in Jesus name.

  5. Indeed 2017 was an eye opener to aligning ME to God’s Will..
    Thanks so much Racheal for this..
    Cheers to a better 2018

    1. Cheers Darling.

  6. So true. Bringing everyone along to enjoy the everlasting love we enjoy day in and out

  7. So lovelyyy

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