Its been awhile since I have been here, its been a tough couple of months, and it’s really hard to put your thoughts into words especially when that is the last thing you want to do.

One of my days of ‘lamenting’ to Him while i was in prayer meeting,I said ‘i don’t even have anything good to write about’ all i have been doing is praying, crying, praising, believing in You for a miracle’ and He said(it came like a thought) WHY DON’T YOU WRITE ABOUT THAT.

So here I am to talk about my journey so far. We all know that life isn’t a bed of roses, but some of us believe in God, and that He is able to cause us to triumph in every situation. However it can be painful sometimes when you pray and pray and things don’t seem to be getting any better, trust me the period of waiting is the true test of faith…

Now i understand so much about faith that no book can teach me because I’m learning on the go. Faith and patience work together, when you read about Abraham and his unwavering faith, don’t take it for granted,faith is not a joking sturvs lol. I also understand that faith in God encompasses faith in His timing…. I believe God will give me what I need but I also need to believe that He is never late, the time He will do it is the perfect time, because I know God is faithful, He is reliable I have to trust Him absolutely.

So while I’m yet to possess what I need in the physical, i know and believe that God is for me, His thought towards me are of good and not of evil, i confess the word daily and I WAIT.

Waiting does not mean we don’t do anything, in fact waiting itself requires us to sow the seed of the word every day. We continually seek the face of God in prayers, sing songs that remind us of the powerful and mighty God we serve. Even in waiting I understand the need to have unwavering faith, and that doesn’t come cheap.

I understand that victory lies in speaking what God is saying irrespective of the challenges I see.

And the joy of waiting on God is that daily He renews my strength. Isaiah 40:31… So even if the situation looks the same, as long as I’m anchored on God and His word, I have strength to keep on pressing and believing. Sometimes things happen immediately, other times it takes awhile.

So be it admission, future partner, exam success, an unfinished project, a baby or babies. We serve a God who never fails, our hope is not dashed because our waiting won’t be in vain. Selah

  1. fantastic write up- God bless you.

    1. Amen. Thank you sir

  2. Amen our waiting shall not be in vain….it is well with you, we all await your testimony

  3. Faith… Sometimes I understand, sometimes I dont. One thing I know it is not easy. When he says we are to be like children, I guess it is about faith. As a child, you never really know what’s happening, but you never worry because everything just kinda falls into place.

    1. Yes.. A child believes so much in his/her fathers words and has no worries.

  4. Yes indeed, faith in God in trusting that He will do what he says and His timing is always right.
    I’m also learning that in ways that books can’t explain.
    Good work twinny

    1. Thanks hun

  5. F A I T H ! ! ! Deep sayings there. Nice one Rachel!

  6. Tough times never last…..but tough people do.

  7. AMEN! Well said hun! Well said! 👏

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