A Time For Everything

There is a time for everything, some things don’t just happen just for the sake of happening.

A time to live
A time to have people around, a time to be alone.
A time to have fun and enjoy, a time to work hard and be sober.

A time to be born, a time to grow.

A time you have plenty, a time you have nothing.

A time to do what you want you want/like. A time you realise doing anything you like has its consequences, so you curb your excesses and learn discipline.

A time to be broken, a time to be healed.

A time to be the broken and a time to be the “mender”.
A time of pain and suffering, a time to rejoice and celebrate.

A time to die.

The thing about God is He always takes us through a process, we can’t take away or wish away this process. However, sometimes the duration of the process may depend on you. Remember the time you decide to wake up, is your morning.

…..” Making the most of every time because the days are evil.”  Every time counts, be it good or bad. Take time to pray for discernment and direction during anytime or season “of your life”.

Most importantly, remember He makes everything beautiful in its time. Every time has its own beauty, every time or season we go through doesn’t have to be ugly.

a time is a phase, it’s an event, it’s a process, a season, a moment, an opportunity.

…….Extracted from Ecclesiastes 3: 1-11, Ephesians 5:16

  1. Nice one Rachel!!!

    1. Thank youuuu.

  2. “Remember the time you decide to wake up is your morning… WOW. Nice work Rachy. :*

    1. Ose

  3. Good one,sis…

    1. Ose baby

  4. He makes all things beautiful in ITS time. Emphasis on “its”. I completely that every situation doesn’t have to be ugly, if we look well enough, we’ll see beauty in the worst situations above we’ll see that God never leaves our side, he’s the man for all seasons.
    Kudos sis

    1. Thank you.

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