It’s A Wrap 2018

Every time I think of all you’ve done, I’m full of praise, so full of praise!! A thousand songs won’t be enough, to sing your praise, to sing your praise…. Melody, harmony, music is in my heart, music is in my heart to God, a song of worship!! A psalm, a hymn, a tongue, music is in my heart, music is in my heart to God a song of worship.

Wooow!! What a year it has been, like this is probably one of my most joyful year ever, and my prayer is that I’ll say this about 2019 and beyond.

In 2018, I went out of my comfort zone, I left family and friends and moved to a new town for my NYSC program. It was a trying time for me, I used to think I was self sufficient and that because my ‘immediate family’ were not around, I was fine all by myself. When I got to Abuja, I realized that my friends and cousins are an important part of my life!! I spent the first few moping and trying to adjust.

In 2018 I had the best church family!! Shout out to Outburst Abuja. You guys rock!! If there is one thing I’m supper grateful for this year, it’s that I was led by God in a lot of areas and I actually obeyed. The most important leading was my choice of local assembly, the choice was not even hard, Celebration Church had me at my first service there. In all the lesson I learnt from that is, when God says it’s time for something, everything just aligns!! Shout out to Celebration Church International, and most especially Pastor Emmanuel Iren, thank you continuing for my prokope and joy of Faith !!! 😁

This year I learnt that the love I was searching for all around was actually around me. This year I learnt to show love and receiving it was easier.

This year I learnt that my life does not consist in the abundance of things I possess and that my joy is not circumstantial!! It was experiential for me, so many things happened that would normally weigh me down, but I have learnt to master the art of joy.

This year I learnt not to project my happiness on a thing, or someone, I learnt to live in the now, I learnt that my satisfaction is in Christ alone, my needs are forever met in him, I’m not thirsty, my thirst is forever quenched in him, inside me is a river of living water. I learnt that the Holy Spirit in me is a treasure, worth more than gold.

In 2018 I learnt that adulting is a scam 😭 and it can be so overwhelming, and that there are a lot of things I haven’t figured out yet, but it’s fine, the most important thing is that that I put my total trust in God and never give up. Gotta keep pressing.

So many awesome people in my life. New friends, and old ones too. I celebrate you all, you guys were wonderful this year.

This year I learnt that self control is a fruit of the spirit, and I was able to break bad habits, and end unhealthy friendship(s) with the help of the Holy Spirit. Now I walk in the spirit and do not fulfill the lust of the flesh.

This year I was taught to have the right disposition towards money, i give my tithe and offering with a better understanding, i am also generous in my giving.

2018, I learnt not to measure my success using the ruler of the achievement of others. The future me is my hero, I learnt to celebrate my wins, no matter how little it looked.

I wasn’t exactly on the fitfam train this year, but I reduced junk food and in 2019 I look forward to eating healthy and maybe just maybe exercise.

In 2018, I confronted every of my emotions, and moved past the ones I needed to. It’s a big deal for me cuz I’m always forming hard girl, but the real hard girls are the ones that don’t sweep their emotions under the carpet, they acknowledge it but don’t make drastic decisions based on it. ‘Emotions should be indicators not dictators’.

2018 I prayed more, I studied the Bible with understanding and I actually shared the gospel for the first time in my life. In 2019 somebody shout ‘That’s my life’!!!

In 2018 I started the year single and wait for it…… I am ending the year single. Hahahahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. See ehn last last let’s just thank God we are alive, it is importanter.

The summary of 2018 is this: Scars and struggles on the way but with joy my heart can say “NEVER ONCE” did I ever walk alone.

2019 meets me prepared!! I’m not saying I have the whole year figured out, how can I. However, I prayerfully prepare for it, I am led, I am always in pace with God, grace is multiplied in my life. I do big things with ease!!

In 2019, there are huge career goals to be accomplished, in 2019 I trust the process and joyfully arrive at the destination!!

In 2019 I give myself wholly to the study of the word, to teaching, to being a doer of the word (retain in my consciousness all that I have seen in God’s word) and my profiting appears to all.

In 2019 we have a wedding to plan!! Super excited about that!! Shout out to Lope, we need to find a hashtag soon, but beyond the hashtag, I’m grateful to God for you, your story has encouraged me in every way.

Cheers to 2019, go with God, smash your goals, stay with the gospel, live everyday with thanksgiving and contentment, no one has the promise of tomorrow so make every day count for good, be principled but walk in love, ………..(fill in the gap).

Happy New Year πŸŽ†πŸŽŠπŸŽˆ